The clean-up is finished and the community is now open for business. Feel free to look through all the changes, including an entirely updated and far more fitting layout. I'm about to get started myself, accepting applications, posting entries, and I have to tell you, I'm excited. It's looking good. I'm actually planning to have fun! And I never thought I'd feel that with this community again.

More importantly, though, and more seriously, I want to thank those who have stuck with me despite how badly everyone's been fucked around. From the very bottom of my heart. I'm going to do my very best for you guys, and I hope we continue to have so much more fun in the future <3

So! Without further ado... Please visit the INTRODUCTION PAGE to get started, whether you've re-applied or not. Everything you need'll be there. Take a look around, and start posting! If you have any suggestions, I'm just about to sign on, or simply comment here [:

&hearts - Kay