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14 December 1981
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The One Agency Roleplay Community @ Live Journal

Run by Kay (shads licks you) and Gab (dance for ruki) - theoneagency@hotmail.co.uk

The Agencies Roleplaying Communities

The first AU slash roleplay game to span the journaling world. With two rival talent agencies, one on Livejournal, the other on Greatest Journal, you can pick your side and fight a battle of business and sex, evil and love. You can roleplay with all members on AIM, but only those of your company can read your journal. Unless a spy happens to slip through the midst...

Whether employee or client, escort or porn star, model or secretary, you'll get a piece of the action. With exclusive features such as an email server, a secrets site, a storylines system, news paper, and a selection of OOC activities, all set across a sprawling, detailed background, there's always someone to play and something to do.

Combining office romance with sordid plots, Satanic influence with underground happenings, the glory of celebrity with the strength of a powerful and close-knit OOC community, The Agencies are the communities for you.

All characters free and journals clear after an epic restart and clean-out!

The One Agency - For Music & Modelling

They were the top. Not the oldest, but the biggest, the best. The most glamorous and the most sordid. The richest and the most beautiful. But they were receiving outside help from something not quite right, sane, nor mortal. And when it fell through, so did they.

Matthew Sanders, CEO was accused of every crime in the book and finally arrested for murder. The company funding faltered, the clients streaming out. No one wanted to be associated with a company like that, publicity or not. A silence fell. A death. Everything shuddered to the most awful of halts.

Only then, something clicked. And The Boss is back, and if he has his way, The Agency will come back with him. He's determined not to let his baby die, and when Matt Sanders wants, he gets.

But why is he back? And how are the funds raising so quickly? Was he innocent? Did he have inside help, outside help? Government help? Or Satanic help? No one knows what, and no one knows why he's changed. But they don't much care.

As long as the cheques are rolling in, right?

The One Agency is set in the heart of LA and specialises in modelling and music. They have a full set of facilities, including a gym, pool, recording studio and restaurant.

Predominantly male, females have a strict cap of 10, the limited places only available to members with a male character already in play. Slash, femme and het friendly.

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The Sub-Comms

theoneagency - JOIN - The main account.
theoneooc - JOIN - OOC community.
theonegame - JOIN - For thread games.
theonelog - JOIN - Posting and reading AIM logs.
theonelyrical - JOIN - Lyric community.
theoneinbox - JOIN - Email server.
theonesecret - JOIN - Secret community.
theonenews - JOIN - Read and write news clippings.
theoneroom - JOIN - The random community.

United Talent Agency

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